Caramel Crew
-on the path to a sweeter life-

Hi there! I’m glad you found Caramel Crew!

Welcome to my happy place – a collection of things that make life sparkle a little brighter. Caramel Crew is a lifestyle blog about living the life you want to live, whether it’s baking something gorgeous from scratch, being inspired to be more creative or quitting your job and chasing your dream.

Caramel Crew started as an online recipe collection but has gradually grown into a celebration of all things that make me happy and giddy besides pie: great books, travel, beautiful design, photography, art, home décor and DIY that is actually doable.

What does Caramel Crew mean?

Caramel Crew actually consists of two crews: mi familia over here at Caramel Crew headquarters (a.k.a. my home), and you lovely people reading this blog. Both together make this blog what it is and it is my humble hope that CC will someday be a community of kick-ass Crew members all around the globe.

Who am I?

I live on an island. Not the tropical kind, though. My yard is home to frogs, bluebirds and dragonflies and one night there was a wolverine in the backyard. Not the Hugh Jackman kind, but the actual hairy, scary predator kind.  There are sandy beaches 2 minutes from the house but the beach might be occupied by a bunch of passive-aggressive geese when you get there. So this is definitely not a stiletto-heeled-Manhattan-career-girl blog, but more of a forest-berry-pickin’-snow-angel-makin’-girl type of blog.

This is what it looks like where I live:

What do I blog about?

I once saw a t-shirt that said “I bake so I don’t murder people” and I instantly related. I am a firm believer in pie therapy and I love, love, love to bake, always from scratch. The RECIPES section is dedicated to sharing my own scrumptious, easy and down-to-earth sweet and savory recipes for when you just feel like making something utterly delicious and baking yourself happy. I always aim to develop quick and easy recipes that don’t require slaving away in the kitchen for half a day, but will instead send you to foodie cloud 9 in no time flat. Great baking recipes are the golden core of Caramel Crew, and always will be.

The LIFE and STYLE sections are about more personal stuff from my life as well as great books that are worth reading, photography ideas and doable DIY projects with actually stylish results. I also have a full-on addiction to Scandinavian style home décor and design, and I love to share the best nuggets I find online.

Becoming a freelancing, self-employed and location-independent writer has been a dream of mine for a while, and finding a way to ditch the 9 to 5 life is on the top of my to-do list. Hence the tagline “on the path to a sweeter life”.  I dream of raising my own chickens and growing my own veggies while writing for a living. A few goats wouldn’t hurt either. It might take me a while, but you are most welcome to follow my journey to that future farmhouse, somewhere over the rainbow.

I really, actually appreciate you stopping by, please come back soon to see what sweet treats we have prepared, just for you.

Flour dusty hugs,