Caramel Crew

Plant-based recipes and happiness hacks for busy people

Hi there! I’m glad you found my little place on the internet!

Caramel Crew is a blog about sharing ways to be happier, whether it’s discovering good ways to manage your time and your mind, or just baking yourself happy by making something delicious, from scratch.

Or both! I love me some great pie and I’m also passionate about discovering how to be happier and manage my busy life better. As an example of what I do here, check out this easy and delicious recipe for an exquisitely creamy vanilla custard berry tart that is a staple in my family and so simple a child could make it. In fact, mine did and very successfully too.

What’s the story behind the blog?

Satisfying, easy plant-based baking recipes are the sweet core of Caramel Crew, and always will be. This blog started as an online baking recipe collection but is gradually growing into a place where I also share ideas for taking control of your life instead of just drifting on autopilot from one hectic day to the next. Being a classic overachieving type A personality who could not say no to more work, I lived like that for way too long. You know the familiar story: work overload – exhaustion – sacrificing my mental well-being for work performance – feeling like I was failing at home and at my job no matter how hard I tried.

I felt disconnected from my real self, and that I had become this robot just pushing through each day, having forgotten how to really live. I started to learn about taking control of your life and about the “science” of being happy. Because that was all I wanted. To be happy again.

Right now, I am happily on that path, but it has been quite an obstacle course getting here. As I want to share the things I have learned along the way, you can soon read about more ideas for managing your mind in the GET HAPPY section of the blog.

I think the most important thing I got from the whole ordeal is that there is a way out of the maze. That feeling you get when you are consciously making the small right choices every day, rewarding you with slivers of happiness that over time evolve into big chunks of happiness.

In the SHOP you can find simple ways for making life a bit easier. I am a big list-maker and love planning stuff and the time management planners I have in the shop are like what I use to organize my life every day. They are an easy way to add some structure to the day-to-day craziness and they help immensely with scheduling, so you and your family stay sane even when there are a million things to do and remember.

Who am I?

I once saw a t-shirt that said, “I bake so that I don’t murder people” and I instantly related. I am a firm believer in pie therapy, and I love to bake, always from scratch. The RECIPES section is dedicated to sharing my own scrumptious and easy, sweet and savory plant-based baking recipes for when you just feel like making something utterly delicious with your own hands.

I live on an island. Not the tropical kind, though, but a Nordic one. My yard is home to frogs, dragonflies and blackbirds. There are sandy beaches 2 minutes from the house, but the beach will most likely be occupied by a bunch of passive-aggressive geese when you get there.

I am married to a man I fell in love with at first sight. Sappy, I know, but I literally knew he was going to be the father of my children when I first saw him. (And now we have 3!) Sadly, this is the only instance my clairvoyance has been correct in my entire life. Better not quit my day job.

We all are passionate about travel and are constantly dreaming about having a second home somewhere in Italy (The food! The language! The architecture! But mainly the food!).

I am a hunter and gatherer of ingredients for a sweet life, sharing them with you as I go along. I hope you enjoy the ride with me!

Flour dusty hugs,