Manage your time like a boss – ultimate planner set for a more productive life

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This is a set of planners you need if you find yourself wondering how to be more productive or how to be more organized on a daily basis, hoping to use your time more efficiently. Recognize these situations?

  • You have a big lumpy mess of things you need to do every day in your head, but find it difficult to prioritize your tasks, to keep up with the scheduled errands, calls to be made and emails to write
  • There are things that need to be done on a weekly basis and need to be planned in advance, but you keep forgetting them or they get done at the last minute, adding to the daily pressures
  • You would benefit from planning goals for the upcoming month so you could see how your priorities are spread out over the following weeks, but you never just quite can get it done
  • It would be useful to make a plan for the entire year to see the big picture but so far this has been neglected

Well, wonder no more, my friend, as you have found the perfect (and pretty) solution!

This bountiful planner set is ready to organize your life for you – all you need to do is write down what you want and need to achieve each day, week, month, and year, and these printable planners will guide you in managing your time and help make your life more productive.

The daily planner is fun to use and has many different sections to fill according to your needs – it even has a daily water intake tracker, so you stay hydrated! The daily planner includes a to-do list, a space for the three most important tasks for the day, important calls/emails, a place to write down scheduled appointments and also notes.

The weekly planner has a list of tasks for each day as well as space to note the most important goals. Your monthly planner has two versions to choose from: horizontal or vertical with a place to write your top priorities for the entire month. The annual planner lets you see the entire year in one glance so you can plan the big picture.

As a bonus, you will get printable sheets for notes in four different visual looks. With this planner set, you can plan your tasks and goals better and become so much more efficient with your time. When you can make plans on a wider time scale than just daily, you start living for your future instead of just getting through today. Start your organized and productive life now; you can download these printable planners instantly!


You will get all this, both in A4 and US letter size for easy printing:

Daily planner: to-do list, scheduled appointments, notes, water intake, top 3 goals
Weekly planner: daily task lists and top priorities
Monthly planner, vertical: days, weeks and top priorities
Monthly planner, horizontal: days, weeks and top priorities
Yearly planner: all months and days for 2021
Notepad in four different visual looks
Cover page for your binder

Note that this set of planners is an instant digital download to be printed, nothing will be shipped. Due to the digital format of the product, we do not offer refunds or returns, and all sales are final. Colors may vary based on your printer properties.


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