Best bits of the week

Some of the funniest, prettiest, most inspiring and useful stuff found on the interwebs this week, to celebrate Friday! Have a great weekend folks.

  1. If you’re in the US and feel like taking a roadtrip around Halloween, these towns go the extra mile in providing visitors with super spooky celebrations worth seeing. 
  2. I love minimalist, modern jewelry that has geometric, Scandinavian accents. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then check out the delicate designs of this little shop called Bonny Rabbit Boutique. 
  3. Looking for a cool way to grow your own salad ingredients inside your home? A miniature greenhouse that looks like an origami is the perfect thing for that, or a great housewarming/hostess gift. 
  4. If you have been thinking of starting a collection of original art, this place has a great selection, from one-of-a-kind oil paintings and photographs to vintage prints. Nice collection also just for browsing for inspiration. 
  5. For some artistic eye candy, browse through the amazing portfolio of Ben Zank, the photographer famous for his surrealist and hauntingly beautiful portraits. 
  6. It’s officially sweater weather! Here is a nice little roundup of new sweaters for the FW/2015 season. 
  7. If you’re tired of eating the same old stuff every single morning, this website has a section devoted entirely to gorgeous breakfast food, with lots of healthy options too. 
  8. The National Book Award finalists have just been announced, and here is the list of those 20 books that most likely are worth reading, in case you are looking for some non-fluffy new novels. 
  9. This is a great site for smaller scale home decor items, often customizable,  made by independent artists. Check out the unique holiday cards, for instance.
  10. The latest short film from Louis Vuitton stars Michelle Williams (love her hair in this! and the red dress!) and Alicia Vikander, dreamy landscapes and great styling.

Thanks for stopping by, have an excellent Friday night!


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