Vision board: the fun way to achieve your goals

How to set life improvement goals and actually achieve them with a simple, free DIY vision board that is fun to make! 


How to set life improvement goals and actually achieve them with a simple, free DIY vision board that is fun to make!

Yes, I know that we are barely starting to feel all the warm and fuzzy Christmas vibes and celebrating the New Year is still far, far away. But hear me out: it is time to start planning for the most awesome, kick-butt, fireworks-filled year you have ever lived with the help of a gorgeous vision board to inspire you!

The beginning of a new year is a natural time for fresh starts and New Year’s resolutions filled with good intentions and plans for a better life, being happier and living well. The thing is, though, that all these grand plans are easy to make and even easier to forget.

The need to improve our lives never really goes anywhere, but the plans to reach those goals are so easily bulldozed by the daily grind.  You know what I’m talking about; the constant juggling of work, family, friends, kids and whatever else might be on your plate can whirl the best-laid plans to oblivion in a matter of weeks. So by February, you realize that life is trotting on along the very same path it did last year, despite the still existing need to change things for the better.

So, the big question is: how can we stop this never-ending circle? How can we set goals for improving our lives and actually achieve them?

There are as many ways to make things happen as there are people, since we all are individuals and there really is no cure-all solution to magically transport you to a happier place. But one very powerful tool for achieving your goals and dreams is a vision board.

It serves as a visual reminder of the glorious end result of your vision of yourself as a better, happier person.

You can make a digital vision board as well, but you will have to dig it up from your computer or phone every time you use it. This means that the risk of forgetting the whole thing is pretty big.

So go ahead and make an actual, physical vision board – make it as beautiful, powerful and inspiring as you possibly can. Make the board unapologetically, unashamedly YOU – if you think glitter is like magical fairy happiness dust, go crazy with the stuff. If you love pastel colors even though you are an adult (like I do!), then make that board as minty and pink as you want.

Don’t worry about it not looking “professional” or “serious”.  This is YOUR board and it is meant to motivate you to make positive changes in YOUR life, not to impress your neighbors, friends or co-workers. Forget everyone else’s opinions and own that sparkly vision board!

But don’t just plaster pretty photos and quotes haphazardly on the board – having some structure makes it more impactful and clear. Here’s a fictional example of a blueprint of what an effective vision board could consist of. This framework is meant to be an inspiration, feel free to adjust the elements so everything fits your situation just right.

SET 3 GOALS with valid reasons why to achieve them

Pick the three most important things you want to change over the course of a year or whatever time frame suits you. Think about the things that bother or frustrate you the most and concentrate on them. Then write them down on the top of the board as equal headings side by side. To avoid getting overwhelmed, choose the goals from different areas of your life so you won’t get bored working on the same old thing all year long.

Personal: stop eating junk food to get that healthy glow

Professional: start a side hustle/hobby that pays to increase your income by doing what you love

Home/Family: redecorate on a budget to have a gorgeous-looking home without breaking the bank


Define actionable steps you can complete and write them below the corresponding goals. Being too strict (no sugar or carbs for a year!) or overly idealistic (win the lottery and buy an island!) will lead to frustration, stick to steps that are actually possible to carry out.

Personal: junk food only once/month, unprocessed dinners

Professional: make a solid business plan

Home/family: scout Pinterest and blogs for frugal home décor ideas and do one every month

VISUALIZE THE RESULT for a positive, inspiring vision board

A.K.A the fun part! Go through your favorite magazines, blogs, Pinterest and whatever sources you can think of and cut, print and arrange them below the corresponding goals. Add new visual materials you come across during the year to keep the board looking fresh and inspiring!

Personal: pics of healthy, happy people, healthy food, other benefits of a healthy diet

Professional: pics of travel destinations/experiences/things you will afford with your added income

Home/family: pics of gorgeous, doable and budget-friendly projects

Now you have three columns of goals to make this year the best ever, doable steps to achieve the goals and an awesomely appealing visualization of them at the end to keep you motivated! 

Go put the vision board someplace where you can see it when you need it the most, for me the best place is on a bedroom wall so it’s one of the first things I see when I wake up. There it instantly gives positive morning vibes and motivation to actually make the improvements, one day at a time.

Here’s a handy Pinterest image of the vision board blueprint for you to pin and come back to later:

How to make a great vision board to help you set life improvement goals and actually achieve them! A simple, free DIY tool that is fun to make.

Have fun with your boards and good luck with your upcoming New Year’s resolutions!
xoxo, Sera



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