Christmas gift ideas for men

A useful list of practical and fresh Christmas gift ideas for men that the special guys in your life will actually want, need and use!

A useful list of practical and fresh Christmas gift ideas for men that the special guys in your life will actually want, need and use!

Forget the boring, redundant Christmas gifts that the stores want you to buy for him (seventeen Garfield socks in a box! manly nose hair clippers! the latest after shave from Tom Jones with self-attaching chest hair included!) and get something that he will actually appreciate. While cologne, boxers and slippers are all OK presents to get and give, maybe this year is the time to find a gift that’s a tad more personal and meaningful.

But searching for unique, useful Christmas presents for men like your father, husband or other man in your life can be a frustrating, marathon-like process where you drag your tired feet along isles upon isles of crappy presents that are either laughably useless or just plain boring.

No-one wants to waste money for something that will end up gathering dust on a shelf with other unwanted gifts from all the previous years. We all have that shelf, right? I know my parents do… on it, along with other items is the veeery expensive face cream I bought my mother which she is “saving for later”. I rest my case.

A useful list of practical and fresh Christmas gift ideas for men that the special guys in your life will actually want, need and use!

So, just make the Christmas shopping what it is meant to be, a holly jolly process of thinking how to give joy to someone you care about. I warmly recommend using the wonderful world of the  interwebs and skipping the sweaty part where you stand in line in a crowded store, so many people in front of you that you can’t even eavesdrop on the hissy fits the customers in front of you are having at the register.

Choose a time of day you can actually browse some online shops uninterrupted (no chance of that in this house) and shop for the gifts online. Then you just wait for them to be delivered and the all you have to do is the fun part, the wrapping, which is a very big deal for me personally. Yes, I celebrate the little things. I put on Christmas music, the cheesier the better, and go crazy with the bows and papers and ribbons.

A useful list of practical and fresh Christmas gift ideas for men that the special guys in your life will actually want, need and use!

To help you achieve this lovely gift wrapping nirvana without any of the heavy lifting, please have a look-see at the list below, filled with actually great Christmas gift ideas for men – the outdoorsy grandfathers, hipster brothers, techie boyfriends, fashionisto cousins and more.

Cool Christmas gift ideas for men:

  • Wooden magnetic knife wall board. This is a beautifully handmade walnut board that is attached to a wall and displays your man’s favorite tools or knives in a stylish way. The hidden magnets are strong enough to hold a meat cleaver to the board, so it is safe too.
  • Whiskey stones.  A literally cool gift for any man who likes their drinks on the rocks. These cubes won’t melt and water down the drink. And if he’s a real whiskey aficionado, he would probably appreciate a set of personalized glasses and a decanter too. These would look great engraved with an elaborate monogram, for example.
  • Ultralight design pocket knife.  Only 1,6 ounces, this sleek pocket knife is a perfect gift for the man who needs tools like this to carry with him, without any added weight. Although light in weight, this knife does the job on any camping or hiking trip with its stainless steel, titanium-coated blade.
  • Warm and stylish winter scarf. We all know men who think shopping for accessories is a form of torture. Be a good elf and take away his pain by gifting him a stylish scarf that goes with any winter outfit.
  • Personalized leather notebook. This Etsy seller has tons of different leather notebooks that can all be customized however you want. Besides the usual monogram, he might like his favorite song lyrics, a quote or a special image on the cover. A simple gift that is truly unique.
  • Glass zipper bag. For the design-conscious man, this is a fun and stylish way to store a multitude of things, like candy, sugar or even cereal.
  • Wooden iPhone dock and storage thingy. Yes, I said thingy, since I don’t know the proper name for this genius stand for his phone, wallet, ring and keys. For the man who likes to have his things just so or for the guy who keeps losing his belongings around the house, you can’t do better than this.
  • Handheld food smoker. I am seriously in love with this gadget and might have to buy myself one as well. How convenient it would be to smoke your meats with this “gun” in two minutes flat instead of the usual hassle? You can have different types of wood chips as well. Just perfect for the cooking man in your life.
  • Vintage-style instant camera. For  the artsy guy who loves photography. This would be a fun addition to any camera arsenal, regardless of skill level. Instant photos plus a cool, vintage-inspired design is a winning combo.
  • Sporty wear. Any gym-going, fitness-loving man will surely appreciate new workout clothing that’s as good-looking and it is technical. Lots of great choices here for the sports player.
  • Touchscreen gloves. This is a great way to give something practical. Being able to operate his phone in cold weather without removing his gloves first is definitely a plus for any man who lives in a cool climate, and there are a few nice color options as well.
  • Hammer riveted leather wallet or cardholder. For the manly man, these are very nice pieces of craftsmanship and  likely to last a very long time as there are no seams in the designs.

I hope you found some inspiration for your holiday shopping for men. Do you have great sources of manly gift ideas? Please share in the comments, I’d love to know!

Happy bows & ribbons,
Sera xx

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