6 online sources for blog post ideas (& a secret trick!)

6 online blog post idea and content generators – check out these sources for catchy, shareworthy  blog post topics and get tons of ideas for new blog posts!

6 online blog post ideas and content generators - check out these sources for catchy, shareworthy blog post topics and get tons of ideas for new blog posts!

If you’re a blogger, you probably know the feeling sometimes called blogger’s block: while narrowing down some blog post ideas, you know the general theme you want to write about, (after all, that’s why you started your blog) but can’t quite pinpoint the exact point of view you want to take for your next blog post or are just momentarily struggling to come up with interesting, captivating ways to express yourself. And I am willing to bet that even the most successful bloggers out there are familiar with this feeling.

So sometimes you need a little inspiration for bringing your thoughts neatly together and luckily there are some great tools for this online. I know some writers probably scoff at the idea of using an idea generator, but I think these tools shoud be used for exactly that: to create new, fresh ideas for how to express your unique view of the world.

There is nothing wrong in getting some new perspective for how to craft a title that will bring your blog post in front of more readers. I personally have never taken a blog post title and used it unchanged from these generators, but instead I use them as kinds of inspirational agents to spark new thoughts and ways to speak about a certain topic.

So click through these six sources for click-worthy blog post and content ideas and see which ones work for you.

Blog Post Idea Generators

And now for the secret tip! This is not a blog post idea generator like the ones listed above, but a very handy list of specific topics people search for in Google when your site comes up in the results.

  • Go to your Google Search Console dashboard. (Don’t know what that is? Look here.)
    Choose Search Traffic from the left side vertical panel and then go to Search Analytics.
    Choose your desired timerange, like 60 days, from the Dates tab in the horizontal panel. Now you will see a list that gives you the exact google search terms people used when your site appeared in the search results.

You can use this list in a number of ways: pick the terms that you have not yet written about but fit well in your blog topic, or use the terms that are almost the same as your existing posts and think about writing a post about those topics or update a previous post with these keywords in mind. For example, one of the search terms on my list is banana bread with cranberries. I have written a recipe post about banana bread, so I might do a post of a cranberry banana bread in the near future.

I hope you found some new blog post ideas for awesome new topics! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Brainstorm away,
Sera xx

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