30 days to Zen – How to declutter your life

A fun, doable 30-day challenge to declutter your life and to simplify, organize and manage everything in it better. Away with chaotic running around –  welcome the zen instead.

How to declutter your life - 30 days of doable tasks that will make your life simpler, more organized and happier. A fun 30-day challenge to reduce stress!

So you are tired of never having enough time for the stuff that really matters because life has you running around like a chicken with its head chopped  off? Try this 30-day challenge and get tips on how to declutter your life, reduce unnecessary stress and enjoy yourself more. Only one task for each of the 30 days – try it and you will decrease the amount of stuff in your life that is causing you stress.

A fun, doable 30-day challenge to declutter your life and to simplify and organize everything better. Away with chaotic running around - welcome the zen instead.

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How to declutter your life in 30 days

  1. Plan the coming week’s meals ahead and shop groceries accordingly. May not sound like fun, but you’ll reap the rewards next week when instead of fighting your way through a grocery store run while being tired and hungry, you can come  straight home and start cooking without any rush.
  2. Go over your closets and pack away anything that is not in-season.
  3. Take some time to organize your Spotify playlists.
  4. Gather all your half-read magazines in one place and start reading the, one  for each day, until all have been read and can be recycled.
  5. Go over your personal email inbox and weed out the newsletter subscriptions you no longer need.
  6. Take a long hard look at your jewelry stash, remove any pieces that you know you will not wear again and donate them to charity.
  7. With a week of decluttering almost behind you, write down all the positive things that have happened because of this, and give yourself a good pat on the back.
  8. Check all indoor plants you have and throw away any that do not flourish. Replace them with ones that are more resilient and low-maintenance.
  9. Go over your archives of photos stashed on your computer or a cloud service, pick some your favorite photos, have them printed and make a gallery wall.
  10. Go to your bedroom, determine the thing that most bothers you about the decor, atmosphere or furniture placement, and change that.
  11. Pick out the next day’s outfit and try to make this a habit to reduce morning stress.
  12. Go over your books, take out the ones you know you won’t need and recycle them.
  13. Gather all the clothes you have not worn for a year or two and sell them on a local flea market or donate to charity.
  14. Take a look at the messiest place of your kitchen – what can be done to improve the situation? Move appliances to new spots, make more room, reduce the number of gadgets you have on display?
  15. Call the friend you have been meaning to see for ages and make arrangements to meet.
  16. Take a look at your schedule for the coming week. Is there stuff that you are doing out of a sense of duty, that are really not that necessary?
  17. What is the larger household chore that most stresses you out when not done, like cleaning the windows, washing the bathroom walls & floor etc? Mark a day for that chore in your calendar and do it to have one less thing making you feel guilty.
  18. Make a list of all the absolutely necessary things you will have to have money for over the next 6 months, like new shoes for the kids, new laptop, eyeglasses or going to the dentist. This way you know what to prioritize and big expenses won’t sneak up on you.
  19. Go through your beauty products and toss everything that you haven’t used for a while or products that are simply too old to be used.
  20. Open your kitchen cabinets and check the expiration dates of every product. Toss everything that has gone  bad.
  21. Gather all your shoes and make an honest inventory: which pairs will you really be using? Recycle all shoes that didn’t make the cut.
  22. Do the same process with your bags and purses.
  23. What is the most important unfinished project you have that would bring you the most joy when completed? Circle a date for that project on your calendar and finish it.
  24. At work, make a to-do list for that day only, first thing in the morning. This will keep you from jumping from one unfinished task to another and instead gives you a sense of direction and order.
  25. Take a moment to organize all your personal financial documents and other such papers, so you know what is stored where when you need them.
  26. If like me, you have piles and stacks of random papers, magazine clippings, notes and other stuff that is just sitting there on tables and nightstands waiting to be sorted out, arrange them in piles by theme. This way it is easier to tackle all recipe ideas, for example, in one sitting.
  27. Make a list of all the fun and enjoyable things you would like to do in the next six months and place the list on a visible spot. Then when you actually have time to do something fun, you will have the list ready to choose the perfect activity for that day.
  28. Take a look around each room in your home and ask yourself the same question: what things are here simply because they were put here a long time ago, not because you actually want to look at them every day? Remove all unnecessary items and put them to storage or recycle them. This way you will end up with having only things that you actually enjoy.
  29. If you have boxes of mementos, children’s drawings and other such keepsakes, take a day to organize them by themes so they are easier to keep organized in the future.
  30. To finish the 30-day challenge, make a list of the 3 top things that bring most stress into your life and make an actionable plan to reduce their effect or to eliminate them altogether. Then make a list of the 3 top things that bring you the most joy in your life and figure out solid steps to increase these things and to have more of them.

I sincerely hope you got some good ideas and inspiration for how to declutter your life with this easy 30-day challenge. Please share your own tips for a decluttered life below!

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